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Note! You can use CoordTrans for free in 7 days. You do not need any license key for this period.

Install license key

The most common problem when installing the license key, is that the user tries to re-type the key instead of doing a cut and paste. Please always do a cut and paste!

If you after 7 days trial want to continue using CoordTrans you need to buy a license.

1. First you need to purchase a license key. You will have the key delivered to you by email directly after the purchase. You can make the purchase here.
2. Start CoordTrans. If your trial period has expired you will have the dialog below displayed to you. If your trial period has not expired, select File->Enter License Key from the CoordTrans menu.

3. Cut'n paste your email address and the license key you received by email after your purchase. Then press OK.
4. License key is now installed! If you have purchased a site license repeat step 2 and 3 on each user's computer that should use CoordTrans.

Frequently asked questions:
* The license key does not work!

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