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Batch Conversion
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Manage Grids
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Coordinate Formats
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Supported countries

Install and uninstall

1. Download CoordTrans for Windows.
2. Unzip the downloaded file.
3. Run Setup.exe and go through the installation steps. If you get an error while running the installtion program you need to install "Microsoft Windows Installer" first (see below)
To run the installation program you must have "Microsoft Windows Installer" installed on your computer. This is already installed on Windows XP and Windows ME. But for earlier versions of Windows you need to download and install this update separately.

Windows NT/2K Download More info
Windows 9x Download More info

Uninstall CoordTrans
1. Run Start->Program->Franson CoordTrans->Uninstall
2. Go through the steps in the uninstall wizard.

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