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Datum to grid

Example how to convert coordinates between longitude/latitude and easting northing. WGS84 to UTM is used as example.

1. Select a region of the world. If you select International You will get a list of all global datums.
2. Select the datum you got your longitude / latitude coordinates specified in. If you got them from a GPS this is most likely WGS84.
3. Enter the coordinates in longitude / latitude. If you want to enter them in decimal degree format instead of degrees/minutes/seconds you can use the Decimal degree radio button.
4. Select a grid you want your position converted to. In this case UTM.
5. Click the right arrow button to convert the position.

You can do step 4. and 5. in any order.

You can convert back from UTM to WGS84 by using the left arrow button. Change the UTM coordinates and click.

You will always be able to see the approximate position on the world map. The position in the left column is represented with a black dot, and the right with a red dot. You can also use the mouse to click on the world map to get a position. Use the left button for the black dot, and the right for the red dot.


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