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Datum to Grid, Longitude/Latitude <-> Easting/Northing

Example how to convert coordinates between longitude/latitude and easting/northing. WGS84 to Texas North(NAD83) is used as example.

1. Make sure Longitude/Latitude is selected in the upper left corner.

Select the datum to convert from by clicking . Browse to The Earth and select WGS84. And click OK.

Or you can simply write WGS84 in the "Find" box to search for a datum by name.

2. Enter a coordinate to convert from WGS84 to Texas North. You can enter the coordinate in either Degrees/Minutes/Seconds (DMS), Degrees/Minutes (DM) or Decimal Degrees by clicking the appropriate radio button under the coordinate.

You can also click on either the left-most map or the middle map.

To read a position from a GPS click "Read position from GPS". (GpsGate must be installed for this feature.)

3. Make sure Easting/Northing is selected in the upper right corner.

Next select the output grid by clicking in the right pane. Again, you will need to browse to the appropriate region and select the grid. Texas North is available in the state of Texas/United States, which you can locate by clicking "The Earth -> America -> North America -> United States -> Texas". Here you'll see Texas North available in several versions, sorted by the datum onto which the grid is projected. In this example, select "NAD83 -> Texas North". And click OK.

Or you can simply write "Texas North" in the "Find" box to search for a grid by name.

4. WGS84 is now selected on the left side, and Texas North on the right. Click the right-arrow button or click F12 to convert the coordinate. To convert from Texas North to WGS84, just click the left-arrow button or F11.

Note: If the CoordTrans makes a warning when you select a grid it is because the currently selected grid is not compatible with the newly selected grid. This is because there is no transformation available between the datums onto which the grids are projected. To resolve this, you will have to enable datum transformations - see Managing the Datums - on the source and/or destination datums.

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