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Batch Conversion
Grid to Grid
Datum to Grid
Datum to Datum
Manage Grids
Manage Datums
Coordinate Formats
License Key
Supported countries

Franson CoordTrans for Windows v2.0

Install and start CoordTrans
Install and uninstall
How to install and uninstall CoordTrans.

After downloading and installing CoordTrans take a look at this page for updates: Grid and datums updates for CoordTrans

License key
How to purchase a license and use the license key.

Convert one single coordinate

Datum to Grid, Longitude/Latitude <-> Easting/Northing
This example demonstrates WGS84 to Texas North (NAD83), but you follow the same steps to between WGS84 and UTM, WGS84 and British National Grid, etc.

Grid to Grid, Easting/Northing <-> Easting/Northing
This example demonstrates RT90 2.5gonV to UTM, but you follow the same steps to convert between State Plane Coordinate System (NAD83/NAD27) and UTM, UTM and British National Grid, etc.

Datum to Datum, Longitude/Latitude <-> Longitude/Latitude
This example demonstrates WGS84 to OSGB36, but the steps are identical for conversion between all datums.

Convert coordinates from file
Batch conversion from file
How to convert a batch of coordinates from a file.

Coordinate Formats
Advanced! How to define your own file input and output formats.

Manage grids and datums
Supported countries, states, grids and datums
Datum and grids that are already included in CoordTrans. You can also define your own grids and datums - see below.

Managing the Grids
Advanced! How to create and edit grids (projections).

Managing the Datums
Advanced! How to create and edit datums.

Click here for CoordTrans 1.10 documentation

Technical support can be found in the user forum. We will constantly monitor and answer questions in the forum. The forum also includes frequently asked question (FAQ).
FAQ for CoordTrans

Browse the Technical support forum!
Search the Technical support forum!

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