More datums and grids for CoordTrans 2.0 (and later)!

CoordTrans 2.0 can import and export parameters for datums, grids (and coordinate formats) using XML. We will publish new XML files here which you can import into CoordTrans.

Note that thousands of grids and datums comes with the original installation, and that you probably will find the datum or grid you are looking for there. See list here. More info in the User's Guide

You can also define your own custom grids and datums. How to create a custom grid. How to create a custom datum.

Download Datums and Grids

Dubai Local Transverse Mercator (DLTM)
Datum: WGS84, Region: Dubai, Click here to install

Some datum transformations published by DoD in 1984
(Anna_1_Astro_1965, Australian_National), (Ascension_Island_'58, International), (Bellevue_(IGN), International), (Camp_Area_Astro, International), (Cape_Canaveral_mean, Clarke_1866), (Carthage, Clarke_1880, -112.145), (DOS_1968, International, -251.0), (Easter_lsland_1967, International), (Guam_1963, Clarke_1866), (GUX_1_Astro, International), (Hong_Kong_1963, International), (Ireland_1965, Modified_Airy), (ISTS_073_Astro_'69, International), (Johnston_Island_'61, International), (Kerguelen_Island, International), (L.C._5_Astro, Clarke_1866), (Merchich, Clarke_1880), (Nahrwan, Clarke_1880), (Oman, Clarke_1880), (Pico_De_Las_Nieves, International), (Pitcairn_Astro_'67, International), (S_42, Krassovsky), (Santo_(DOS), International), (South_Asia, Modified_Fischer_1960), (Tristan_Astro_1968, International), (Viti_Levu_1916, Clarke_1880), (Wake-Eniwetok_'60, Hough)
Click here to install

UTM Zone 17, 18 and 19, Clarke 1866, Bahamas
Datum: Clarke 1866, Region: Bahamas, Click here to install

EOV Hungarian 1972 (Correction)
Datum: Hungarian 1972, Region: Hungary, Click here to install

CRTNG Zone 1 to 7 and 16.30 (CROATIA)
Datum CROATIA, Region: Croatia, Click here to install

Gauss Boaga West/East (Rome40)
Datum: ROME40, Region: Italy, Click here to install

CH1903 LV03 & LV95 (Correction)
Datum: CH1903, Region: Switzerland, Click here to install

Posgar 94, Zone 1-7
Datum: WGS84, Region: Argentina, Click here to install

Hartebeesthoek & Cap, Lo 15-35
Datum: Hartebeesthoek 1994 and Cape, Region: South Africa, Click here to install

RD / Amersfoort
Datum: Amersfoort, Region: The Netherlands, Click here to install

More will be added here...

If you cannot find the datum or grid you are looking for in the list above nor in the database that comes with the original CoordTrans installation, you can contact us here and we'll see what we can do.

How to import a XML file:
1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed CoordTrans.
2. Click on the link for the datum, grid, format you are interested in.
3. Finished!

Note! This message is displayed after the import is done. All data is imported, and the message is slightly miss-informative. We will improve this message in coming versions of CoordTrans.

If you get this error message:

You will need to upgrade to the latest version of CoordTrans or follow those steps:
1. Download and save the XML file to your harddisk.
2. Move the downloaded file to a directory path that doesn't include spaces E.g. C:\
3. Double click on the downloaded file.

You can now use the imported grids and/or datums!

If you have created your own custom grid, custom datum or custom coordinate format and want to share it with other CoordTrans users, please export a XML file and send it to and we will publish it here.

How to create and export a custom grid.
How to create and export a custom datum.
How to create and export a custom coordinate format.

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